Staff Rules and Regulations

Sit Regulation
**You Must Follow These Guidelines When You Are Pulled Into A Sit At All Times.**
1. You Must Retain A Respectful Attitude At All Times.
2. Do Not Speak Over A Staff Member.
3. Never Leave A Sit Without Staff Permission.
4. Do Not Build, Or Put Text Screens Up In Sits.
5. Do Not Ignore Staff.
6. Do Not Kill Or Otherwise Roleplay In Sits

Staff Regulation
"Never Use !kick"
1. Be Respectful To All Community Members
2. Do Not Use Vulgar Language
3. Never Use Ulx Off Duty , Unless In Case Of Emergency
4. Do Not Teleport To Higher-ups Without Permission
5. Never Question The Final Verdict Of A Higher Up.
6. Do Not Afk On Duty
7. Do Not Physgun People Without Proper Reasoning
8. Never Request A Promotion
9. Do Not Spy On Other Players Using Noclip
10. Do Not Be Biased Towards Players
11. Keep A Mature Attitude At All Times
12. Do Not Remove Warns/bans Without A Owners,hadmin Permission
13. You Must Have A Sit Before Warning A Player
14. "You Can Not Handle Your Own Sits"
15. Do Not Use The Skybox To Do Sits

Player Punishment
RDM 1-3 = WARNs
RDA 1-3 = WARNs
NLR 1-3 = WARNs
RDM+LTAP One Day Ban
RDA+LTAP One Day Ban
Mass RDM 4-10 One Week Ban
Mass RDA 4-10 One Week Ban
Mass RDM and LTAP Two Week Ban
Mass RDM and LTAP Two Week Ban
Mass RDM+RDA Two Week Ban
Mass RDM+RDA+LTAP  Three Week Ban
Propspam DDos threat is a Perm ban DO not perm ban without asking a Head Admin or higher before.
Everything else is a warn