Staff Application isaacdc6

Name: Isaac
RolePlay Name: [Dark RolePlay Only]
Server: DARKRP
Time Zone:UTC
Warns: 0
Hours Played: Just joined but have full experience.
Do You Own A Microphone: Yes
Referral(s): No staff recommended me to apply, it said in the name "need staff."
About YourSelf: My name is Isaac, I am 14, I like Video Games like pc xbox and playstation, my favourite colour is Red and my number is 6.
I live in the UK.
Past Experiences As Staff: I have been staff on multiple DarkRP servers and just GMOD servers in general,
I have over 500+ hours on GMOD and I know the full ULX all commands too. I know how to handle sits with stubborn people and just idiots in general.
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I don't side with anyone, I have multiple experience as staff and know how to handle sits etc.
I don't abuse and I come on regularly.
Did You Read The Staff Rules: Yes
Congrats you have been accepted to Wolfden Rp Staff Team Please see me or another Higher up Your app is pretty good and I think you will help our server IT?s NATHAN bitches you have been given the rankTrial Moderator Welcome to the staff team Please add me on steam and make a intro Before you get your rank