SpeedSter's Application

Name: Noah
RolePlay Name: [Dark RolePlay Only] SpeedSter227.
Age: 12.
Server: WolfDen RP.
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:121009238.
Time Zone: GTM.
Warns: [5 WARNS IS THE MAX] 3 I think.
Hours Played: [NEED 24HOURS] 6 but my friend had like 4 when he got tri-mod.
Do You Own A Microphone: [YES/NO] FUCK YEA.
Referral(s): [What Staff Member Recommended You Apply?] sG Legendary.
About YourSelf: [Minimum 1 Paragraph]  I like me some Garry's Mod  I play it a lot but when I got homework its pretty hard but ill be on a lot and I like to poop and use a computer and I have bad wifi And my name is Noah P. and I live in Oklahoma I'm a country boy and that is why I got slow wifi cause I live in the country I don't play as much Garry\s Mod as I used to but i will play it a lot if I get accepted and I got 1500+hrs on Garry's Mod on 2 accounts.
Past Experiences As Staff: [Optional] yes but I got perm ban cause the players lie.
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? [Minimum 1 Paragraph]  cause there is no more and i like the sever but i dont like my friend "sG Legendary" when he abooses so i want to be able to defend myself against him and I got footage if u don't believe me.
Did You Read The Staff Rules: [YES/NO]  Not yet but I will.
~~ Disregard this reply he made it a lil bit longer but I would like it a little more longer (I also do not abuse I may accidentally press V and turn noclip but I turn it off right after)