Sgt. Clubby McWank Fist

Name: Kevin 
RolePlay Name: Sgt. Clubby McWank Fist
Age: 15
Server: DarkRP?
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:51306624
Time Zone: GMT +1 i believe. Norwegian time
Warns: None
Hours Played: 25
Do You Own A Microphone: YES
Referral(s): I  just wanted to apply cause you looked like you were short on admins.
About YourSelf:
Well im a 15 yearold fatboy from norway. Im quite tall and wide and i have troubles to get through doors.
I have a great education on computer science and know how to program lua which gmod is made in to i might be helpful in some ways
Past Experiences As Staff: Yes i do have alot of back ground as staff. Even as far as owning and developing to sort of big communities.
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants?
Well because i have tons of experience with adminidstating and developing servers and lua files. I have alot of knowlage about programing and computer nonsanse.
I have Norwegian native language. i know about 50-75% of the english language.
Did You Read The Staff Rules: YES
          To be honest, with your spelling, at 15, does not seem to be up to date, especially because you said you studied with computer science, you should be able to spell programming and knowledge right. That is just as far as I know, as for others, we have a lot of staff applicants and a bunch of moderators administrating on our server, please don't be surprised if you do get denied. Otherwise, great application! Best of luck to you!
                                             (You also probably are thinking, why is a trial admin telling me this? I actually am in a management team, the 3rd highest rank on the server.)

I agree with Frobro, You also may be asking me why I am telling you this is because I am also in the management team.
If you are 15 and studied computer science you would think you would be a sort of a good speller. You may be accepted because as of yesterday we do not have much staff because
we did a complete staff wipe for the inactive staff.. Also, the server is down right now because the owner forgot to pay the money for it, If he gets the server up tomorrow you may be accepted or denied tomorrow.
Post another staff application in 2 days!