General Regulation
1. Do Not Rdm.
2. Do Not Vdm.
3. Do Not Break Nlr.
4. Do Not Failrp.
5. Do Not Bully Or Harass Players.
6. Do Not Charge Back Paypal Money. (You Will Be Perma-banned)
7. Do Not Mic Spam Unless Your Job Allows It.
8. Do Not Chat Spam.
9. Do Not Metagame.
10. Do Not Abuse Your Job.
11. Do Not Prop-block.
12. Do Not Hack/script. (You Will Be Perma-banned)
13. Do Not Post Links In Chat.
14. Do Not Promote Yourself, Or Any Other Community On Our Server.
15. Do Not Request Ranks, Items, Or Money.
16. Do Not Abuse Exploits.
17. Do Not Use Multi-Binds.
18. Adverts Must Be Understandable.
19. Do Not Disrespect In OOC.
20. Do Not Impersonate Staff.
21. Props & Cameras May Not Be Invisible.
22. Do Not Demote Other Players If Staff Members Are Online.
23. Do Not Spawn Excessively Large Props.
24. You Cannot Prop Climb For Any Reason.
25. Do Not Make Reports In Ooc. Use @ Chat Instead.
26. If Someone Damages Or Attempts To Arrest A Member Of Your Party, You May KOS Them.
27. Do Not Body-block Unless Your Job Allows It.
28. No One Can Party With Government Except Other Government Members.
29. Do Not Spam Text Screens.
30. Do Not Claim A "District" As In Do Not Block Off A Tunnel Unless Your Job Allows It.
31. You May Not Raid Hobos.

Raiding Regulation
1. You May Not Raid People Who Have A Building Text Screen On Their Base.
2. Raids Can Last Up To 10 Minutes.
3. If You Die Defending A Base During A Raid, You May Not Return To The Base Until The Raiding Parties Advert Raid Over.
4. You Cannot Raid The Same Base For 10 Minutes
5.  the raid cooldown is 5 minutes
6. Do Not Open Fading Doors Using Hotkeys During A Raid. Use The Keypad!
7. You May Not Build During A Raid.
8. Do Not Change Classes During A Raid.
9. You Must Call Raid Outside Of The Base.
10. If You Are Raiding A Base And Know The Keypad Code, You Must Not Use The Keypads.

Building & Basing Regulation
1. Kos Signs And Boundaries Should Be Reasonable.
2. Fading Doors May Not Open For Less Than 8 Seconds.
3. Fading Doors Cannot Have A Delay Of More Than 2 Seconds.
4. Your Base Must Be Raid-able By All Classes With Raiding Capabilities.
5. You May Prop Block A Base While You Have A Building Sign Near It.
6. KOS And Building Signs Must Be Visible From The Outside Of A Base.
7. No Crouch Or Jump Bases.
8. No Faulty Keypads.
9. To Build On A Roof You Must Own All The Doors Under The Roof.
10. You May Not Have Printers And A Building Sign.
11. All Keypads Must Be In Plain Sight Next To The Fading Door.
12. Text Screens Must Be At Least Size 25.
13. Your Base Must Have At Least One Obvious Entrance.
14. You May Have One Way Exits As Long As There Is An Entrance Elsewhere.
15. You May Not Have More Than 10 Fading Doors To A Base.
16. You May Not Build On The Streets Unless Your Job Allows It.
17. Do Not Use A Fading Door To Drop Someone.
18. Your Base May Not Be Designed To Trap People.
19. All Flying Props Must Have Support Under Them.
20. If You Own The Doors To A Building, You Must Build In, Or Actively Use It.
21. You May Not Have A Building Sign And A Kos Sign At The Same Time
22. Loitering KOS Signs Are Against The Rules
23. You May Only Own doors To One Building And May Only Have One Base.

Mug & Kidnap Regulation
1. You Can Mug Someone For A Maximum Of $5,000.
2. To Mug Someone, You Must Be Face-to-face.
4. You Must Give Someone At Least 10 Seconds To Drop The Money Before You Kill Them.
5. You May Kidnap For Up To 15 Minutes.
6. You May Kidnap Every 25 Minutes.
7. You May Not Kill Yourself To Escape A Kidnap/mug.
8. If Someone Offers Ransom For The Kidnap Victim, You Must Release The Kidnapped.
9. The Ransom Cap Is $100,000.