Name: Oxy
RolePlay Name: [Dark RolePlay Only] OxyGen_XX
Server: Wolfden
Time Zone: Eastern
Warns: [5 WARNS IS THE MAX] 0
Hours Played: [NEED 24HOURS] 24 hours
Do You Own A Microphone: [YES/NO] yes
Referral(s): [What Staff Member Recommended You To Apply?] sUPER ADMIN
About YourSelf: [Minimum 1 Paragraph] Im not Noah.Im not immature. Im very Respectful and also im on 24/7 so im on all the damn time.
Past Experiences As Staff: [Optional] YEs
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? [Minimum 1 Paragraph] Im not Noah. Like said before Im better then them because im OxyGen_XX with out me u cant breathe. Also ive had experience with every type of minge you can think of. I need no training.
Did You Read The Staff Rules: [YES/NO] Yes
~~No need to lie about your time~~ I gave you permission to apply without 24 hours!! I know him very well and he is currently mod on a different server I know he is willing to make a sacrifice for this server.. Has not caused trouble.

I am here too say that you were