Can i be staff Please

Name:Alexander Feemster
RolePlay Name: Sans
Time Zone:Eastern time
Warns: 0
Hours Played:17 hours 31 minutes
Do You Own A Microphone:YES
Referral(s):sG Legendary
About YourSelf: I am in 5th grade almost in 6th, im the youngest sibling in my family and the nicest, i have a bit of an anger problom but not too bad and yeah thats about it
Past Experiences As Staff: I have been a staff on one server but it was just for fun i did do some sits but not alot
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? you should choose me over other because i  
will never break any darkrp rules i know about all the rules
Did You Read The Staff Rules: YES
i would say hes pretty nice
SpeedSter227 said previously:

i would say hes pretty nice

thx dude

Congrats you have been accepted please see me or another higher up in game to get you training and rank thank you for taking your time with your app and.welcome to the staff team. You have been giving the rank Trial Moderator