[ADF] Tiny Desk Engineer

Name: Gavin
RolePlay Name: [ADF] Tiny Desk Engineer
Age: 14
Server: DarkRP
Stead ID: STEAM_0:1:147840952

Time Zone: EDT
Warns: 0
Hours Played:  Server Reset so I'm not sure
Do You Own A Microphone: Yes
Referral(s): [What Staff Member Recommended You To Apply?] Sour Lemon and [ADF] Kitumo
About YourSelf: I am a hyperactive 14 year old who spends 70% of my day on a computer playing whatever sounds good. I am mildly skilled in wiremod. In my free time I like making wiremod contraptions that nobody thinks will work but eventually works. I also rewrite coding in some games so I can edit how each different weapon works
Past Experiences As Staff: My past experience as staff is on a Sandbox server called UnderTheCrosshairs in the position of Admin
Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I feel you should choose me because I have 1 1/2 years of staff experience, meaning I have knowledge of 95% of the ULX commands. Another reason you should choose me is because I can be on every day of the week. (unless traveling) My third reason that you should choose me is because I play the game fairly. My final reason you should choose me is because I am very familiar with the types of rule breakers that play on DarkRP servers
Did You Read The Staff Rules: Yes
I like this staff application, In 7 days will be up as you know.. So we might need more staff than 2 Co's and 4 Management

See you when the server is up! :D